Pictures From HOPE

Here are the first batch of pics from HOPE. These come courtesy of Armitage and Netta Gilboa of Gray Areas Magazine as well as a self-scanned badge from Gauss:

Ophie, Azrael, Grayarea, Armitage, and Ludichrist
Disco Dan, Ophie, and Armitage
Gauss's HOPE Badge

This link is off of BioHazard's page, with an in-line image of BioHazard, Pluvius, and Panzer:

The following images, as well as the accompanying descriptions, come courtesy of NickOdemus. Some great stuff here.

What is this? A telco truck? It appears so, at least that is what the police officials thought; is this why it was illegally parked there the whole weekend and never ticketed? [Randy S. Hacker is on the left, Ixom right]


This here picture is a feud between Bloodaxe and Outlaw. Erik was an influence on Outlaw's legal problems. [Bloodaxe is on the right and Outlaw is on the left]


Bloodaxe is on the left, Outlaw right.


It was the nine at 9. Names (left to right): Garbage Heap, NickOdemus, The Mad Hatter, Ice-9, Fuzion, Erik Bloodaxe, Virt, Ixom. The ninth? Morgen took the picture. :)


Hackers in the blarney bar, drinkin and having a good time.


This picture was taken a few minutes before the bartender kicked us out (because they were closing). The person who took this picture was drunk--this was evident because when he snapped the picture, he flipped the camera up and aimed all under 1 second. Frankly I'm surprised he got us all in. [Notice: Look at the neon signs in the right upper middle see how they are blury?]


This is the bar we all jammed into and drank. [Notice: Hackers like to set off car alarms.]


This room was "the other conference room." No speeches really went on in here, just basically a gathering. It was a place where people could hook up their portables to the reliable internet connection, and chit-chat with others. A few things got stolen, a few people got interviewed and a few people even learned a thing or two.

bb1.jpg -- This was the bulletin board that people could write whatever
bb2.jpg -- graffiti came to mind. It was actually quite funny reading some
bb3.jpg -- of it, too bad it is hard to read in the picture.


[L to R] Chesire Cat, The Emmanuel Goldstein, and SN at their humorous speech at getting valuable information. :)


This woman was a peace of art. Nowhere will you find such a woooo-man. The reason why no man is crawling on her in this picture was because someone allegedly jabbed her with a pen, and she went ballistic. She also eats leftover McDonalds in the conference room, and drinks used coffee from unknown origins. [Other Handles: Socks, PenJab, Kathy Ireland]


After Icom was done with his marvelous speech on pagers, he was entertaining questions. Ixom, quite energetic, waved his hand. Icom called on Ixom. Ixom then apologized to the audience that this was off-subject, but he wanted to know of Mr. Icom's involvement with Ken Citerrela [Ass. DA of Westchester County]. Mr. Icom in his hastely response repeatedly tried for an offensive position. People then told Ixom to go up to the microphone and start talking. Ixom repeated the original question numerous times, but Mr. Icom played the good politician. And he still repeated for offensive control. Icom asked, "What is your involvement in Operation Marigold? Where is PCNet getting it's funding?" All quite entertaining for those who know, and those who don't.


Ixom - "I even got a permission slip from my probation officer." 1 min later-- Excuse me, but we are going to have to ask you to leave, and there is no hope for you to return. Ixom didn't get booted, and an answer was never given by the all too-sly Mr. Icom.


This is where all the speeches occured.

The following are pictures from the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City, as well as a picture of the HOPE bumper sticker:

Front of Hotel Pennsylvania
Another view of the same...
The Conference Room
Double room
Another view of a double room
Single room
One beautiful, clean toilet!
HOPE Bumper Sticker
HOPE Photographs by: Ray Kaplan

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